Dr. Watson

Progenitor searching for her missing formula that could change humanity forever



  • Agility d8
  • Alertness d8
  • Intelligence d10
  • Strength d6
  • Vitality d8
  • Willpower d8


  • Correspondance d8
  • Forces d4
  • Life d10 (Specialization: Microbes d6)
  • Matter d6
  • Mind d4
  • Time d6 (Specialization: Research d6)


  • Syringe d8


  • Paradigm: Virus Chimera Creator
  • Nature: Survivor
  • Demeanor: Methodical


  • Healing Injection: Spend a Quintessence to remove a physical stress or physical Paradox from another character in the same scene as you.
  • Lethal Spray: When using your Life die to affect another person in a harmful way, you inflict an extra level of injury stress on the target.

Progenitor who might have invented a cure for aging. Before it could be tested on humans, her rival stole it, and now she has to find it before it’s unleashed on the world.

Dr. Watson

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