The Ascension Job

The Recruitment Job

Jimmy V was in a tight spot, cornered in an abandoned warehouse exchanging fire with the Yakuza. He manipulated the hidden connections to keep himself safe, until rescued by the Assistants, who offer him a trip to Vegas for a job.

Alex Wyatt was under the gun to get a film done- literally. A really intense horror movie director was forcing him to edit on his iPad as quick as possible, until the Assistants arrive and knock him out. They offer Alex a job, who does not hesitate to accept.

Lt. Rachel Manning finds herself in deep space aboard the starship Valiant, only her and her captain left. A Nephandi void ship threatens to consume them. She attempts one last effort to take out the ship and get them away, but ultimately, the captain forces her back to Earth and she is forced to watch as the ship comes apart and takes the captain with it. The Assistants pick her up from the desert, informing her that she is no longer welcome amongst the Technocracy.

Dr. Watson has a serious breakthrough and develops an anti-aging serum that works in lab rats. However, it is stolen out from her lab. She convinces her supervisors that it is not her fault, but they assign her to look for any evidence of where the serum has gone, before it is tested on humans. They recommend starting with Rafeal’

Dr. Trent Kaufmann interrogates a captive who was part of a band attacking a Technoracy base. However, reinforcements show up just as the mental extraction is being completed, and Dr. Kaufman is left with dangerous knowledge that his feral attackers are looking for. He escapes into the waiting car of the Assistants who agree to keep him safe in exchange for a job.

Mr. F just kind of shows up.


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